13 Reasons Why

A series like the game “Life is Strange”

Hi guys, in these days I’m watching 13 Reasons Why, a tv series by Netflix. I don’t want to spoil any detail about the series. There are in total 13 episodes, I didn’t watch it fully yet but it’s inevitable for me to think about a game : Life is Strange. This game of course is not a tv series but the storytelling is similar and you feel the same emotions during the gameplay. The stories are different, of course, but the theme is the same : high school, teenagers, social problems, friendship, bullying.

In “13 Reasons Why” you have only to watch the development of the story, instead, in “Life is Strange”, you can make chooses that have consequences.

What I like in both these creations is the world they create. Characters are described carefully and you seem to know these persons after a while. You feel the sun when they are on the street walking or sad when they cry.

If you love dramatic films, romantic situations or in general good storytelling, you should try both. If you have tried one of them, I think you should experience the other title.

I’ll put some videos below, enjoy them.

You can play “Life is Strange Episode 1-5” and “Life is Strange Before the Storm” on Steam.

You can watch “13 Reasons Why” on Netflix


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