Organization of a large scale event – Append a Bitcoin manifest on the walls of the main Banks in each city

Hello guys, i’m here to propose an idea to promote our beloved bitcoin. The idea is to a create a poster( 2 meters by 1 meter for example) with a text like ‘bitcoin is the future’ and organize a date to append this poster on the walls next to a bank entrance. A specific day, at a specific hour in the night, each of us, in the city in which we live, goes out and appends this printed poster. The next day, all people passing by the bank (citizens and employees) have the chance to view the poster. The same day all the posters will be on the walls of all the banks in the world. The same day, newspapers and tvs can help to futher expand the news making posts and videos for the occurred event. It needs to be a synchronized and worldwide event. Cheap but effective. No rule infringed. A little contribution from each of us could set this action memorable in the human history. Please answer and give advice. I hope to read comments and ideas from all bitcoin fans like me. Thank you

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