Bloody Day

Bloody Day - Final

Bloody Day - Final

The main target of the project is the creation of a cg helmet (with references to a real one) to put on the head of a driver. For the shot i used a Nikon D3200 with a 18-55 lens. Yes, rolling shutter. I placed some white circular trackers on the background due to the film grain. The sensor isn't too much good and it has made necessary the use of trackers. I have encountered some problems, all explained in the next section, about the camera tracking (due to low parallax shift of static points), cars and other objects on markers (rotoscoping needed), problematic tracker removal on the wall(because of visibility of some markers through a car windows) and the presence of some red markers and a spring around the neck(removed with clone). I have also committed some errors during the shot, i brought with me a checkerboard to estimate the focal length but i forgotten to make a photo and so i had to resolve the camera 2 times, I also placed some little red markers on the close wall but they were too little and untraceable after a first review, these errors have made the entire resolution a bit tricky but i hope you like the final result

Full video at 60 fps

21mbit video at 59,94 fps – h264 – 1280 x 720 Progressive

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Adopted Workflow

Placing of Markers (smaller closer and larger on the distant wall) – FAILED ON CLOSE WALL
Placing of Markers on the hood (Driver’s head)
Retention of the distance of a pair of background trackers and hood trackers for a correct scene scale
Testing of a possibile shots and choice of a fixed focal length
Different shots at 59fps, hd to reduce the rolling shutter on the sensor (less lines to scan)
Some 360 photos for HDR reconstruction, needed for a correct illumination and the reflex on the helmet
Some 360 photos for the Helmet reconstruction.
Removal of Rolling Shutter, Camera Tracking and estimation of the focal length (MISSING CHECKERBOARD REFERENCE)
Again, from the source, Removal of Lens distortion calculated from the previous step, Rolling Shutter, Camera Tracking, Object Solving, Scene scale and export
Removal of Distorsion on the helmet shots. Camera tracking, export
Modeling of the Helmet, creation of multiple uvs ids, texturing, painting
Scene HDR creation and tone mapping.
Integration of the helmet in the scene, animation, lighting and rendering (material passes, ambient occlusion, object mattes,motion blur vectors)
Compositing, trackers removal and general fixes.
Color grading.

Bloody Day - Making of and Passes

Bloody Day - Making of and Passes


Problems and fixes

Red markers and the spring around the neck


Trackers through car windows


HDR References

Object Reconstruction References

Head Reconstruction

Camera Tracking References



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