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Camera Tracking – Set Reconstruction – Indoor and outdoor

Camera Tracking and 3D Modeling

The aim of this project is to track different shots with unknown settings ( focal length, film back, sensor model ), extrapolate a virtual camera path and track a possible geometry hull for each environment.



VFX Showreel 2016


3dRap – Motion Graphics and Holograms


The Fall

Camera Tracking , Simulation, Deep Compositing

The aim of this project is to simulate a destruction scene caused by an object coming from the space. I simulated the fracture, debris and particles.

Final video



3dequalizer scripts


This is a collection of scripts for 3dequalier 4 r4. The source code is available on Bitbucket at the following linkĀ

Install instructions are provided on the repository. If you find any bug or have suggestions please let me know. Thank you.



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My name is Giovanni Di Grezia, but people call me xgiovio.

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I am a VFX Artist and Software Developer

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