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Speedy Boat

Camera Tracking , Zoom Shot, Cloth and Particles Dynamics, Compositing

The aim of this project is to simulate and composite elements on a boat. I replaced the banner on the side, added a flag and particles.
The sequence included two zoom. A zoom in at the beginning and a zoom out at the ending.

Final video



Big Explosion

Fluid Simulation, Rendering and Deep Compositing

The aim of this project is to simulate a big explosion on an empty field.

Final video


The Bridge

Compositing, Post Processing, Time Remapping, Particles

The aim of this project is to simulate a simple fracture on a road. The workflow includes cracks, particles and a good compositing phase.

Original traffic has been masked and some elements have been time remapped to simulate acceleration, stop and reverse speed.

Final scene

Small breakdown


The crash

Modeling, Dynamic Simulation, Rendering, Deep Compositing, Post Processing

The aim of this project is to simulate a car crash. The workflow includes a lot of fractures and deformations based on physical materials properties.

During the rendering phase i decided to output deep images for a better volumetric integration and color corrections / holdout mattes. Motion blur was added using 2d motion vectors and interpolated with scripts using deep data. Deep points also allowed me to create a realistic bokeh effect through the volume of lights rays and particles.

The original simulation was 120 fps long and sampled each 0.5 frame. I used alembic chaches to bake out all vertices variations due to deformations.

After that I applied a retime of about 20% of the original speed. The samples were interpolated linearly.

The final composition ended with an aspect ratio of 2.35, resembling the anamorphic widescreen used in films.

Original Video – 50 MB

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