Post Humans

Mankind and the nature

Post Humans

Post Humans

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The idea is based on the definite man-nature relationship as a struggle for human survival. Established as a real infection for the planet, this short film shows the mankind impact on Earth. The viewer is deceived and the "plant" takes on the role of the enemy; the autotroph is clothed with aggressive costumes (atypical plant characteristic) and the man tries to put an end to another living specimen. The story, from a foreseeble finale, ends with a victorious "enemy" because, sometimes, mankind supremacy can come to an end.


  • Giovanni Di Grezia ( CG – Direction – Editing – Sound Design )
  • Nunzio D’Amelio ( Best boy – Camera Rigger )
  • Lo Valvo – Fumagalli ( Sound Effects )

Making of


Work in Progress


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