The crash

Modeling, Dynamic Simulation, Rendering, Deep Compositing, Post Processing

The aim of this project is to simulate a car crash. The workflow includes a lot of fractures and deformations based on physical materials properties.

During the rendering phase i decided to output deep images for a better volumetric integration and color corrections / holdout mattes. Motion blur was added using 2d motion vectors and interpolated with scripts using deep data. Deep points also allowed me to create a realistic bokeh effect through the volume of lights rays and particles.

The original simulation was 120 fps long and sampled each 0.5 frame. I used alembic chaches to bake out all vertices variations due to deformations.

After that I applied a retime of about 20% of the original speed. The samples were interpolated linearly.

The final composition ended with an aspect ratio of 2.35, resembling the anamorphic widescreen used in films.

Original Video – 50 MB

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