Shutter Angle, Shutter Speed and Motion Blur

These words are stricly connected. You can’t have Motion Blur with fast Shutter Speed and the Shutter Speed is another name of the Shutter Angle. There are some rules you shouldn’t break. You don’t have to shoot with a ( 1/shutter speed ) less than frame rate. In some cameras, shutter is real and for other ones is virtual. A dslr has a mirror for a single image (shutter). For videos the shutter is digital. How convert shutter speed in shutter angle? The key is the frame rate.
Shutter Angle / 360 = Frame rate * Shutter Speed.
This is the formula. So for example : If i shoot at 1/125 sec at 59.94 fps, i have a shutter angle of 172 degrees. Equivalent to 69 degrees if shooted at 24 fps. In some cg softwares you have to put the length of the shutter, usually this is the Frame rate * Shutter Speed. Most of them consider this value calculated from a fixed frame rate of 24 fps. So when you try to insert the value (Frame rate * Shutter Speed), you should calculate the formula using 24 insted of your shooted frame rate.
On the example above, the value ( 59.94 * (1/125)) is wrong, the software thinks the shutter angle is 172 while it is virtually 69 = (24 * (1/125) * 360).


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